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Why Cartagena, Colombia Should Be on Your Radar

by Kathryn Anderson

I had never heard of Cartagena when I booked my flight on a whim, but I am certainly glad I went. Here are five reasons to visit this seaside city on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, founded in the 16th century:

  1. Delicious seafood, specifically the mouth-watering ceviche with coconut milk broth.
  2. Beautiful street art. The once-seedy Getsemani neighborhood murals could be inside an art gallery.
  3. Bright, colorful doors and door knobs so unique you won’t be able to stop taking pictures.
  4. Shopping. Handmade jewelry, vibrant handbags, straw fedoras and more await at every turn.
  5. Did I mention the food? OMG, the food.

– Kathryn Anderson is a health, wellness and travel writer whose mission is to inspire others to live a life they love. Follow her adventures on Instagram and her blog Coffee and Mascara.


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