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by wpengine
travel writer, The Travel 100

Want to share your travel experiences? We’d love to have our first-person stories for The Travel 100.

Have a story for us to consider for The Travel 100? We would love to include your experiences on our site.

How to submit: Submit your 100-word story with a byline and byline link if desired. You can also include a short tagline/bio about yourself if you’d like. If you mention a specific place, hyperlink it. (We don’t want “For more information, visit here.”) At the bottom of the story, please include a caption you’d like to use with the story.

Please include a link so readers can learn more.

Photos: Please submit a horizontal photo 800 pixels wide with a photo credit if needed.  Please no copyrighted photos!

What we are looking for: We want fun stories, preferably in first person, that make us want to experience what you write about. Tell us something other than what we can read on a website. No ad-like copy, please!

If accepted, stories may be edited for length, clarity, grammar and style. And we’d love for you to share on social media, tagging us @TheTravel100. Please allow us a few weeks to get your content posted. We’ll send you a link when we post your story.

Please note, this form is for travelers and travel writers, not for companies to promote their own destinations, properties or products.

Thanks for taking the 100-word challenge!

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