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Cocktails of The Caribbean: MSC Seaside’s Lavender Blueberry Spritzer

by Shane Swor
Lavender blueberry spritzer

I couldn’t believe it – a friend said in astonishment, “The ship has a Champagne bar!”

In front of me, I see heaven on earth. A bar dedicated to bubbles. A glimpse at the menu led me to find the best evening cocktail aboard the cruise. Soon I would be enjoying a concoction of fresh blueberry and lemon, wonderfully aromatic lavender and elderflower, and Champagne.

I had to create something close to it, and happy to share my findings!

1/4 oz each lavender syrup, elderflower liquor, and lemon juice
Muddle 3 blueberries
Shake and strain
Top with Champagne (4 oz.)

–  Shane Swor is passionate about food, beverages, and experiences. Through travel, he seeks to expand his understanding of these things through culture.
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