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couple at Heber Springs, Arkansas

(Photo by Josiah Weiss for Unsplash)

The best pizza joint in Chicago. Where to rent bikes in Denver. The most amazing hotel to stay in when you see Machu Picchu. Our favorite travel product to make long flights easier. These are the kind of stories you can read in The Travel 100.

What does the 100 mean in The Travel 100?

Every story is 100 words. We know because we count them. You’ll be surprised how much you can learn with one photo and 100 words. It’s not like a chocolate chip cookie where a smaller morsel isn’t satisfying – our 100-word stories will inform and entertain you without the need for a lengthy investment of your time. That’s our goal anyway. We know you’re busy and have videos of bears playing in baby pools to watch.

Sometimes we have more to say about a destination or experience than we can cover in 100 words. That’s when we write 100+ features, which can be considerably longer and include several photographs.

We are part of The 100 Companies, a collection of websites and newsletters around the world, all with 100-word stories on other topics like business, people profiles, real estate, restaurants and social media.

Who writes The Travel 100?

Our staff and contributors at The Travel 100 are a mix of professional journalists and readers who’ve traveled the world and share their experiences. Our publisher, Chris Schroder, is an award-winning writer in addition to being the founder and president of The 100 Companies. Prior to that he worked for six daily newspapers, founded a newspaper company and a public relations firm. Our editor in chief, Jan Schroder, is an award-winning writer who has written books and for magazines and websites. She has written for Global Traveler, WestJet, Celebrated Living, Fodor’s and Orbitz. Chris Butsch, our car reviewer, has been reviewing cars weekly for several years and is a member of GAAMA, the Greater Atlanta Automotive Media Association. Other contributors include several members of the Society of American Travel Writers.

How can I get involved?

• Want to write for us?
We have a button at the top of our site to submit content if you’d like to see your experience on our site. Remember, stories have to be 100 words and include a photo.

• Want to have our newsletter delivered free to your inbox?
Subscribe on the homepage and we’ll add you to our list. Don’t worry – we don’t sell our lists and otherwise annoy you by sharing your address.

Do you have a travel-related company that’s interested in sponsorships or partnering with us?
Contact our Publisher, Chris Schroder, at chris@the100companies.

• Do you have story ideas?
Contact our Editor in Chief, Jan Schroder, at jan@the100companies.com. If you have products you’d like us to review, you can also contact Jan to get details on that.

We’re glad you’re here – now go take a look around and start planning your next adventure!

Note: We have affiliate relationships with some companies, like Amazon. If you order a product from our link your price is the same but we receive a small commission. We only write about products we believe in!

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